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CMT Holiday Party

CMT hosted it’s annual holiday party at the Sheraton last weekend and what a great time we all had! We got the chance to get together with the wonderful people we are so lucky to work with. We laughed, we drank, had a delicious meal and enjoyed an evening of games and casino entertainment.

Deb & Corey

Scott, Brad

M&M & Shawna


Jess & Deb

Jer, DQ, Wylie

Shawna & Deb

Stace & Jess


Courtney & Blaine and group

group picture 2

games 1

Games Pic

group pc
Dq, Dave, Courtney...

fun pic.


Debbie Melnychuk and Leah Brown

Courtney, Jess, Shelby

Darren & Megan

Darren & Myles
chad, corey, stacy

Chad, Stace & Jess

Corey and jeff
group picture 2



Blaine and Brent, Charlie

Amanda and Terry
Group Pic.

Alicia & Evan

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